Ten Tips for Building a Flash Remoting Application
Subject:   Images? Movies?
Date:   2003-10-25 10:16:20
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Images? Movies?

Just use LoadMovie. That works with images. If your images are stored in a database, use a server-side page to pass the image:

myImage.loadMovie("myImagePage.cfm?id=" + someId);

In CF:

<cfparam name="" default="0" type="number">
SELECT imagename FROM mytable WHERE imageid =
<!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
<!--- // Force the browser to download the image file. //--->
<!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
<CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\#rs.imagename#"><cfabort>
<CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\blank.gif"><cfabort>

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  • Images? Movies?
    2003-10-30 01:11:28  xeal [View]

    OMG... before replying why don't you READ what is written above... I will repeat only one sentence:
    "You CANNOT send images/movies/sound via Flash Remoting!"

    So your loadMovie thing does NOT make any sense!


    P.S. I didn't think there can be something worse than VB ... until I saw the first piece of CF "code" :)))
    • Images? Movies?
      2003-10-30 06:01:51  anonymous2 [View]

      >P.S. I didn't think there can be something worse than VB ... until I saw the first piece of CF "code" :)))

      There's nothing wrong with CF or VB. Try them sometime. You'll be surprised when you get things written faster.

      No, Flash Remoting does not do everything. Used in conjunction with loadMovie it does exactly what you want it to do. What exactly are you looking for?
      • Images? Movies?
        2003-12-14 23:50:52  xeal [View]

        Well, Basic was my first language on the old ZX Spectrum... some years ago :)
        Then, I also used VB for Win16 then Win32, until Delphi was out then C++ Builder.
        I highly prefer C/C++/Java/C# syntax and for example now I'm using .NET and C# for web dev. And C++ for non-Windows things. And I do not have any reason to buy CF ... to get what? A fancy HTML-looking syntax? :)
        Some time ago, while I was still a "greenhorn" in Flash Remoting, I wanted TO SEND images from Flash to server. Then I realized it's simply not possible. The Flash Player does NOT send the MovieClip object (among many others) via AMF. As simple as that.
        So I changed the strategy and I'm sending back to server the list of "changes" applied to the image, then the server does the real processing and the Flash Player is reloading the image via loadMovie.
        And, btw, even if I would like "to donate" some money to MM and buy the CF server... it would be useless... it does not run on my target platform... and it will never do it ;)

    • Images? Movies?
      2003-11-08 13:28:29  anonymous2 [View]

      Yes you can do what you are planning within flash however it would require a bit of CF. How do I know? I have already built what you have described above. Cheers-