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  Ten Tips for Building a Flash Remoting Application
Subject:   Images? Movies?
Date:   2003-10-25 10:16:20
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Images? Movies?

Just use LoadMovie. That works with images. If your images are stored in a database, use a server-side page to pass the image:

myImage.loadMovie("myImagePage.cfm?id=" + someId);

In CF:

<cfparam name="url.id" default="0" type="number">
SELECT imagename FROM mytable WHERE imageid = #url.id#
<!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
<!--- // Force the browser to download the image file. //--->
<!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
<CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\#rs.imagename#"><cfabort>
<CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\blank.gif"><cfabort>

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  • Images? Movies?
    2003-10-30 01:11:28  xeal [View]

    OMG... before replying why don't you READ what is written above... I will repeat only one sentence:
    "You CANNOT send images/movies/sound via Flash Remoting!"

    So your loadMovie thing does NOT make any sense!


    P.S. I didn't think there can be something worse than VB ... until I saw the first piece of CF "code" :)))