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  Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Subject:   Uhh...
Date:   2003-10-25 09:35:45
From:   anonymous2
Great review, except you forgot to mention that because of many bugs Xcode is almost unusable in many aspects. It is of course understandable, as it's in early iterations and can be compared to early ProjectBuilder in Mac OS X 10.0, but still it is riddled with various bugs, small and big. I am sure Apple will be improving the situation, though, but Xcode in it's current shape cannot be recommended as a development environment as-is, IMHO.
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  • Uhh...
    2003-10-28 13:45:40  leeharveyosmond [View]


    It is easy to be dismissive of a new IDE/build system; after all, it's different from what you're used to. The first IDE I was prepared to tolerate was the NEXTSTEP 3.3 ProjectBuilder. In time -- and it was a long time, but I did get there -- I came to really adore the OPENSTEP 4.2 ProjectBuilder. And I was prepared to believe that I'd like "the new Project Builder", one day, if and when it was finished.

    But Xcode plain sucks. The consistency of keystrokes is just missing. Whatever you were used to in ProjectBuilder or whatever will have changed, and will change again. And again. [So this can't be some sort of CodeWorrier emulation thing.] Am I supposed to be clicking here? Or double-clicking? Or triple-clicking? Or modifier clicking? Time to stop guessing, and go to the menu.

    I'd like to say that if searching the documentation has improved that's good, but that'll I'll believe it when I see it. But I can't honestly say that; I can say that I'll let you know what I think, if I ever find it.

    #include <appkit/DigitalLibrarian/nostalgia.h>

    ls ~/bin/darwin/DocumentationSearcherScripts/*.sh

    In the meantime, I've imported a very simple PBX Project Builder project, and the Xcode build tool knows what the install location is, but Xcode won't show me, so I can't change it. And not all of us have a bunch of 21" displays in a multiheaded configuration attached to something so factory-fresh and speedy that you can smell the loose plastic monomers, and Xcode does indeed bite here too.

    So what I'd love to do is create something lean and minimal and cussed, much like something that could grow into the NX3.3 ProjectBuilder; it'd be a pretty front end to 'gnumake' and 'grep', and I could customise the makefiles to my heart's content 'cause I'd know how they work and I trust gnumake; and I could use the text editor or editors of my choice; and I would have to do without zero-point links or whatever they're called, and filtered prettified compilation error panes, and tight integration with InterfaceBuilder; and if I ever implement this daydream, I can get back to thinking about code instead of thinking about Xcode being in the way when I need to do something.

    Serves me right for those jokes about comprehensive hermeneutics being a useful limbering-up exercise in preparation for reading the Win32 API references I suppose.

  • Uhh...
    2003-10-26 16:40:53  anonymous2 [View]

    I agree completely. I hadn't really used the new versions of XCode/IB until I got my copy of Panter. I had no idea what I was in for with regards to stability. And because I did an archive and install when installing Panther the frameworks for the older versions aren't there so I can't run PB. I've been reluctant to copy things over to try to make the old versions work, but I'm afraid I may not have a choice.

    Is anyone else finding IB especially to be very crash prone? I find a lot of errors with "inconsistencies" which then lead to complete meltdowns. Often I can't even get the nib file open to fix it.

    Anyway yes this is an early iteration, but it's still a released product and I hope for apple's sake that my experience isn't the norm.