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  Performance Test: 802.11b Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
Subject:   2.4 gig cordless phone interference?
Date:   2001-03-30 15:24:06
From:   gbroiles
Has anyone encountered interference between 802.11b equipment operating at 2.4 ghz and cordless 2.4 ghz phones? I have experienced interference first-hand between Panasonic and Vtech 2.4 ghz phones, and wouldn't be surprised if there's interference with other devices using the same parts of the spectrum. (Sure, I know that if they're using spread spectrum, they shouldn't interfere, but lots of things work much better in theory than in practice.)
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  • 2.4 gig cordless phone interference? Of Course...
    2001-03-30 17:09:34  human_bean [View]

    Yes. There is plenty.

    The problem is that the type of spread spectrum implemented in most wireless networking is not as robust as could be hoped. It is inexpensive, however.

    Knowing how this stuff works, I'll wait for a while...