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  Developing with Maven
Subject:   The Waterfall Model Applied
Date:   2003-10-24 02:32:38
From:   ianfairman
Response to: Dealing with the kitchen sink


I'm willing to be persuaded that Maven could be an improvement over raw Ant. But when I look at how Maven is put together it unsettles me. In trying to deal with that 2% I think they've overcomplicated things and forced themselves into making a lot of decisions in a short period of time which I wonder if they'll regret. I've seen this *so* many times and the results are rarely good.

Maybe XSLT isn't the answer - or maybe it's the whole answer or part of it - I don't know. But the "big bang" release of Maven leaves little room to rework design decisions without breaking things - it's the waterfall model all over again.

One final thought, which I came across this morning: Orgel's Rule which states "Evolution is cleverer than you are" (http://www.shirky.com/writings/evolve.html). Start with a worse-is-better solution and see where that takes you - if XP has one lesson to teach us it should be that one at least.


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  • The Waterfall Model Applied
    2003-10-24 04:47:03  anonymous2 [View]

    I'm curious as to where, specifically, you see examples of unnecessary complication.

    I'm also curious about why you see Maven 1.0, RC1 a "big bang" release of Maven; as far as I know, they've been the typical open source product with all the early alpha and beta releases, etc. Plenty of iterations occurring, plenty of reworking in the design decisions.

    Could you clarify on both of these points?