The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   blah blah blah.
Date:   2003-10-23 10:19:53
From:   anonymous2
I'm a hobbyist. not a programmer. but I've tried learing to program in python, java, ruby and now php. As a learning hobbyist I find php to be just fine. I think java is a good language too but it wasn't so much hard to learn as hard to get to work properly. I had Tomcat on my machine and well... it sucked royally. so I downgraded to php which I can say is a lot more fun, a lot less gray hair. Java's problem for people like me is it's bloat. so many bloody java this and that and this depends on this and that configuration that I just got fed up with it. If you like using it go ahead but us php lovers will go on using php. I wish I had started to learn about php a couple years ago when I was just getting into programming. I'd probably be light years ahead of where I am now. I don't care about the little things. I just want something I try to work. Tomcat just threw java out the window with all it's problems. so many tutorials that just couldn't be finished. "you should get this..." and I didn't. no explanation of why. At least PHP gives better feedback during errors.
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  • blah blah blah.
    2003-11-09 16:11:49  anonymous2 [View]

    well, you're an hobbyist, as you said. An I'm sure php is the best thing for you.

    But I think if you were in the need to write N-tier stuff, to integrate legacy systems and so on.. I dont think you should go with php.
    But, sure, you can.

    Most people gets java ad hard. It may be harder than PHP in the first time, it is not in the long run. When someone first see EJB's xml think 'oh no! I have to write xml!" and doesn't get that xml is saving him the need to write sql and a whole persistence layer :)