Start Me Up: Writing and Understanding OS X StartupItems
Subject:   Stop
Date:   2003-10-22 07:29:22
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Stop

No, Apple still hasn't figured out how to send Stop and Restart messages. Hopefully they will figure it out in Panther. Interesting, though, SystemStarter can be told to send Stop and Restart messages to the services and this works very well. I think you can pull up a man page on SystemStarter to see how to use it.
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    2003-10-22 09:41:22  anonymous2 [View]

    That is too bad. I have looked into this before as well and I am surprised that they have not done this. How are you supposed to run things like databases that need to be cleanly shutdown on OS X Server? To me this is a critical feature in production server environments and one that Apple will have to address to be considered when replacing Linux servers. I have read the section in the OS X System manual on StartupItems when it came out and am excited to see how it works in practice. I would be ok with them making it a setting and documenting known issues with the OS calling the stop parameter on shutdown. At least we would have a workaround then. Is anyone else conserned about running production databases on OS X Server without having the ability to shut them down cleanly?