The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   maintainability is king, author is queen
Date:   2003-10-20 15:51:29
From:   anonymous2
Response to: maintainability is king, author is queen

"author is queen"
cute :)

"seems to me like you have some personal axe to grind here..."
Correct. It became personal for the reasons I've given.

"Yahoo!,,, Deutche Bank - they all run PHP"
It can be done with a good debugger but much better alternatives exist, which is the point of this discussion.

For the record, such as it is, I'm brainbench master certified in PHP.

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  • maintainability is king, author is queen
    2003-10-25 15:35:27  anonymous2 [View]

    This has GOT to be a troll. :-)

    That last sentence gave it away.
  • maintainability is king, author is queen
    2003-10-23 09:59:42  anonymous2 [View]

    People who have to tell eveveryone what they're certified in tend to be completely incompetent in my experience. Certified means you studied for a test. It doesn't mean you *know* a damn thing--which your other arguments seem to support. Write some code first (more than a few pages) before you start to shoot your mouth off. Making a vast over generalization like this just makes you sound stupid. Then again, maybe you *are* stupid.