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  The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   Performance NOT EQUALS to Scalable
Date:   2003-10-16 19:54:12
From:   jherr2002
Response to: Performance NOT EQUALS to Scalable

Amazon cites Perl as a major source of it's success. HTML::Mason is a hiring skill at Amazon. They experiment in Perl and productize in C. Your saying that scripting languages can't handle shopping carts?
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  • Performance NOT EQUALS to Scalable
    2003-10-16 21:18:22  anonymous2 [View]

    Amazon has a J2EE architecture. Scripting language is for the presentation layer, so you're question doesn't make sense.. J2EE has scripting language called JSP.
    Ok, a load balancer with several Apache web servers can provide scaling for http connections. And I'm sure you can do something with the rest of the layers too. That has nothing to do with PHP.
    J2EE specifies how scalability and fail-over can be provided at each layer.. PHP doesn't.. because PHP is not an architecture.
    The author is just mixing up performance with scalability.