The PHP Scalability Myth
Subject:   "EJB is the core J2EE"?
Date:   2003-10-16 14:46:31
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Performance NOT EQUALS to Scalable

I think you will find that "EJB is the core J2EE" is not a universally held belief. Especially because of the performance issues with EJB deployment even in the 2.0 standard. A good read on this is Manning's "Bitter EJB" which goes into detail on EJB performance problems and offers architectural alternatives.

As for having EJBs on a different machine, that is a serious performance problem because of the RMI to do all of the data fetch to build the pages. It means that you are paying a penalty to transit the data to and from the web server to the EJB server and then another transit cost to get it in and out of the database. This is why EJB 2.0 added local interfaces.

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  • "EJB is the core J2EE"?
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    Local entities are entities that are local to the clients that are running in the same VM as the EJB container. By using local entities you are assuring that references are used and not remote objects. This doesn't help you with speeding up your servlet/JSPs. Value objects do that.