Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   Vs. KDE
Date:   2003-10-13 11:50:02
From:   anonymous2
Command-Tab has already been available in KDE for a long time, so please give it credit along with Windows. I'm also glad to see Apple is working on Finder because every version of Finder I have used falls far short of Konqueror.

Personally, I still prefer KDE on Linux over OS X, but OS X is better than any version of Windows in most ways.

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  • Vs. KDE
    2003-10-26 20:35:01  anonymous2 [View]

    Alt-Tab switching has been a feature of just about every multitasking window manager since the '80s.

    But, you know, if Apple was going to emulate something from windows, how about the uniform and consistent key bindings, so you can use the whole user interface from the kyboard *or* the mouse without having to keep one hand on both? Oh, Microsoft isn't perfect there, but it's close enough that you can still use Windows mouseless or almost get away with a keyboardless environment.
    • Vs. KDE and keeping BOTH HANDS on the keyboard
      2003-11-04 19:06:58  anonymous2 [View]

      Have you tried turning on full keyboard access (under Keyboard & Mouse pref. pane in System Preferences?

  • Vs. KDE
    2003-10-25 13:35:16  anonymous2 [View]

    Actually, command-tab application switching has been a feature of the Mac OS since at least Mac OS 8.5 (released October 1998).
  • Vs. KDE
    2003-10-19 07:35:24  anonymous2 [View]

    Command-Tab for application switching has been availabe in OS X since, well, 10.0. The big deal here is the interface for providing the switch.

    Up to now, command-tab would just darken the Dock icon and display the name of the app you were switching to. In Panther however, the icons of only the open (and thus available) apps are overlayed upon the entire darkened screen so an app can be selected to switch to.

    Just one of the cool details of the GUI that Apple is working on addressing.
  • Vs. KDE
    2003-10-19 01:24:55  anonymous2 [View]

    Personally, you still prefer KDE on Linux over Aqua on OS X, you mean.
    "But OS X is better than any version of Windows in most ways."

    What is your point here? You suck up to Linux because you cannot afford a Mac? You do have my pity.