Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   The "new" Finder
Date:   2003-10-11 05:44:44
From:   gwostrel
James, just amazing to me that you are writing an article about MacOSX and, seemingly, are not aware of something as basic as the "preferences" setting in the Finder that allows you to change the "focus", as you call it, of a new Finder window. Just as amazing is that it makes your list of the 10 (no, 11) things that make Panther worth the $129. Excuse me, but that is a bit lame. I would say that the improved organization of the Finder windows and the Open/Save dialog boxes are a big deal that is worth mentioning - not something that was there all along since 10.0.4 (maybe earlier, that's just when I started using OSX)
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  • The "new" Finder
    2003-10-11 08:14:19  anonymous2 [View]

    its a big deal....

  • James Duncan Davidson photo The "new" Finder
    2003-10-11 11:59:53  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Sure, you can open existing Finder windows open to the Home directory, but I think that moving things to the sidebar and letting you see more roots than just the home folder is a big deal. If I'm lame for that, then so be it. :)

    And yes, the fact that Open/Save has 'em is the coolest part of it.
    • The "new" Finder
      2003-10-11 12:35:18  anonymous2 [View]

      And how is the sidebar any different from the icon bar that is already existant in 10.2 ? Drag any folder into the iconbar, and voila you have a new 'root' as you call it...
      • The "new" Finder
        2003-10-11 16:12:50  anonymous2 [View]

        Because the top of the sidebar depicts your (removable) media and the icons scale to fit so you can put a lot more aliasses in it
      • James Duncan Davidson photo The "new" Finder
        2003-10-14 12:30:10  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

        No, not a new root. In 10.2 the toolbar gave you a place to click and drill fast to a part of the tree. As demoed by Steve at WWDC (the video of which is available here--go to 10:50 in the stream), having it on the side means that when you click on a sidebar item, it's the root of a "virtual tree". Plus, you can put more stuff over there, have it show up in Open and Save dialogs, and more.

        Watch the video and get a feel for it and how it works. It's better than the toolbar. :)