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Subject:   Synchronize?
Date:   2003-10-11 01:28:03
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Synchronize?

use rsync + ssh + rendezvous. imagine you have two machines, laptop.local and desktop.local, from laptop you can synch with desktop while on the same link:

rsync -e ssh -r /Users/name/ desktop.local:/Users/name
rsync -e ssh -r desktop.local:/Users/name/ /Users/name

or from desktop while laptop is on the same link:

rsync -e ssh -r /Users/name/ laptop.local:/Users/name
rsync -e ssh -r laptop.local:/Users/name/ /Users/name

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  • Synchronize?
    2003-10-11 08:54:28  mike3k [View]

    Does rsync handle resource forks?

    Right now I use Synchronize Plus or SilverKeeper and I'm not really happy with either one of them.
  • Synchronize?
    2003-10-11 05:18:40  anonymous2 [View]

    Another nice tool is:

    Unison File Synchronizer

    The top FAQ deals with unison on OSX -- it works
    with a few caveats but you have to build from
    scratch. At work I use unison on SGI Irix, which also must be compiled from scratch, but the build process was well documented and went smoothly.