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  Ten Things I Dig About Panther
Subject:   An alternative to excessive clicking
Date:   2003-10-10 19:19:31
From:   anonymous2
"Moving the focus of the finder to the User's home directory instead of the boot disk is a welcome change. Not having to go click-click-click to navigate a new Finder window from the boot disk to the home folder will save me thousands of clicks a year."

How about this? Apple+shift+H in the Finder will open a new Finder window with your home directory. It's an awkward key combo, but you can also drag your home directory into the Dock and click it to get the same.

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  • James Duncan Davidson photo An alternative to excessive clicking
    2003-10-14 12:31:26  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Yes, Apple-Shift-H works, but it's clunky. Having things that work smoothly and well is important--and worthy of mention.
  • An alternative to excessive clicking
    2003-10-10 20:06:37  maarky [View]

    If you want new finder windows to open up in the home directory using 10.2 go to the Finder, then go to Preferences (in the Finder menu, not system preferences), under "New Finder Window Shows:" select Home.