Ten Tips for Building a Flash Remoting Application
Subject:   Images? Movies?
Date:   2003-10-07 04:23:37
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Images? Movies?

Well, what I realized from my own experiments it was finally confirmed by "an insider". You CANNOT send images/movies/sound via Flash Remoting!
What is weird, technically speaking the Flash Player and the AMF format allow us to do it. But what MM did (and it seems that all big companies become greedy sooner or later), was to not expose these methods via Remoting, but only via Flash Communication Server.
So in order to use something that there you already have inside the Player, you have to BUY yet another product.... which by the way is not even useful for my problem because I do NOT want live video, real-time communications blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to transfer some images back and forth from the player to the server. And it's even not possible, even too expensive to do it!
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  • Images? Movies?
    2003-10-25 10:16:20  anonymous2 [View]

    Just use LoadMovie. That works with images. If your images are stored in a database, use a server-side page to pass the image:

    myImage.loadMovie("myImagePage.cfm?id=" + someId);

    In CF:

    <cfparam name="" default="0" type="number">
    <CFQUERY NAME="rs" DATASOURCE="myimages">
    SELECT imagename FROM mytable WHERE imageid =
    <!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
    <!--- // Force the browser to download the image file. //--->
    <!--- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// --->
    <CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\#rs.imagename#"><cfabort>
    <CFCONTENT TYPE="image/gif" FILE="d:\webroot\images\blank.gif"><cfabort>