Which TiVo Is the Right One for You?
Subject:   or, get a Replay
Date:   2003-10-05 20:24:28
From:   raffikrikorian
Response to: or, get a Replay

you can do all that (sans skipping commercials automatically) on the TiVo! and, you can do much more like install a web server, get it to display your instant messages, etc...
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  • Tech. Assistance
    2004-01-20 12:31:25  e.stine [View]

    I lost power to my TiVo(Samsung Mdl.# SIR-S4120R)Twice,off-on,off-on.
    The screen read leave the unit alone, it would try to repair itself,no such luck.
    Can these hard drives repair this sort of damage?
    Or should I replace the hard drive?
    Also can it handle more than 120gb?

    Eric Stine