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  Modular PHP Development with FastTemplate
Subject:   other solution...
Date:   2003-10-04 11:59:03
From:   anonymous2
You 've got another solution that looks like FastTemplate but it's faster and that manages 8 database throw PEAR DB and has a good documentation

TPLN - Template Processor

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  • other solution...
    2003-10-08 17:06:27  anonymous2 [View]

    There is also PHP-TAL: http://phptal.sourceforge.net/.
    TAL stands for the Template Attribute Language and manages to survive Dreamweaver edits by putting the template hints in as tag attributes. So instead of using <-- BEGIN BLOCK --> you would do something like <tr tal:repeat="item here/someRepeater">.
  • other solution...
    2003-10-05 11:51:37  dsolin [View]


    Thanks for this tip. TPLN definitely looks like a good alternative to FastTemplate. Please note, however, that this article doesn't actually try to promote FastTemplate, but rather the clean modular design you can accomplish by using it (or any other similar template engine, just as you suggest).

    All best,