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  Ten Tips for Building a Flash Remoting Application
Subject:   Images? Movies?
Date:   2003-10-04 07:02:32
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Images? Movies?

What would be the advantage of passing a movie through Flash Remoting rather than simply loading it via loadMovie?
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  • Images? Movies?
    2003-10-05 23:29:16  anonymous2 [View]

    We have a DB of tens of thousands (and the project is yet to be in full blown, so eventually we expect several hundreds of thousands) of images. They are NOT stored as files on disc for various reasons so we want to stream them to Rich Web Clients (Flash being the main target), let the users apply all kind of changes on a image and then stream it back to server.
    The whole point is if Flash can actually do these things via Remoting.