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  Taxing Questions: Are Compulsory Licenses a Solution to the P2P Debate?
Subject:   Get serious
Date:   2003-10-03 10:07:35
From:   anonymous2
Why don't you folks simply pay for what you take and stop whining about your so called rights?
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  • Get serious
    2003-12-01 14:58:39  madamtazz [View]

    Because we are sick of being pimped,nickled and dimed, ripped off. All these lofty ideas that america trys to export to other countries we do not Practice.People have know love or faith in big buisness any more they are the enemy you even have to fight these companys to keep your own personal data Private.Quiet frankly I am even careful the info that I give to my doctor you never know the type of info they give out so this is the atmospher we live in now, so much for the home of the free and the brave.get what you can while you can and let big buisness take care of itself it always does and for the consumer or the file sharer learn to protect yourself if you want to keep some of your own money. Until you do you are sheep to be shorn better to be the hunter than the prey.
  • Get serious
    2003-10-03 13:48:02  anonymous2 [View]

    I beleave that "free" music is going to be the way of the future. Because file sharing programs, with encription, can be created fairly easily and posted as "open source code", nothing will be able to stop it. You may have an ever so slight chance if you could get ALL hardware devices to have something to help you, but what about all the "old" hardware (I personally have several computers sitting in the closet that work great, they're just outdated - but good enough for ripping some mp3s). You'll never get ALL hardware to be in compliance, therefore you can't stop it.

    It seems to me that if I'm a musician & millions of people like what I'm doing and visit my web site frequently, that I would be able to work some kind of deal with advertisers. I would also be able to tour and pack stadiums at $30-60 USD a pop. Seems like there are ways for musicians to make money eventhough people are getting "free" music.
    • Get serious
      2003-10-08 03:57:47  mondo [View]

      Your argument about how a musicians can make a living is completely right. But you have to keep in mind that it's not musicians who propose this taxation. It is the music industry dinosaurs, that make living mostly by abusing the artists. Yes I mean mainly lawers, asociated makreting departments etc. Major record labels associated in RIAA. They rightfully fear that new technology will cut them out of the deal.