Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9
Subject:   Oracle 9i install on Redhat 9
Date:   2003-10-03 05:36:15
From:   anonymous2
Finally this was the only way to have Oracle 9 installed succesfully on Linux Redhat 9.
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  • Oracle 9i install on Redhat 9 --> patch
    2003-10-06 06:12:28  anonymous2 [View]

    This article also helped me to install Oi9 on Rh9. To install the patch I had to downgrade to 2.3.3-5 for glibc, glibc-common and glibc-devel and after the installation I upgraded again. Now everything works.
    • Oracle 9i install on Redhat 9 --> patch
      2003-11-08 21:19:40  anonymous2 [View]

      Please let me what exact glibc version you use. 2.3.2-5 OR 2.3.2-11 as the article suggested. I downgraded to 2.3.2-11 it is not working