Form Validation
Subject:   Undefined Error
Date:   2003-10-01 18:24:05
From:   anonymous2
When i hit the submit button, i keep getting popups saying 'undefined'. I added the return error statements after all the error statements. The errors display when they are there, however i still receive 'undefined' message.
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  • Undefined Error
    2006-12-23 17:18:38  tkenington [View]

    I found that adding the following fixed my undefined popup problems.

    "return error;"
  • Form Problem
    2004-11-26 12:16:08  unnamed [View]

    Yea, the form is great, but I am wondering how to make the form email the infomation to a email address, and when you have completed the form correctley refresh to another page, also how to make the phone number 9-11 numbers and where the onSubmit="javascript:checkWholeForm(this);" in order to make the page refresh correctly.

    I know it's asking a lot, but I'm new to this