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Subject:   Circular Polarizer
Date:   2003-09-28 03:14:34
From:   pgunn178
There seems to be something I don't understand about Polarization.
I recently purchased a Circular Polarizer for my Sony DSC-F717 Digital Camera. How do I know what the effect the filter will have on the picture when rotating the filter to various positions? The image displayed in the View-screen and View-finder remain the same.
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  • Circular Polarizer
    2003-11-10 10:19:14  anonymous2 [View]

    Most polarizers are in a rotating mount so that you can rotate them on the lens and see the effect.

    It can help if you put a small piece of tape, white paint/white nail polish on the outside, rotating ring.

    That way, you can take the filter, hold it to your eye and see the effect. Note where the white mark is located, then when you put the filter on the lens, place the white mark where it was when you looked through it. If you move, look through the filter again!

    Don't forget too that polarizers carry a 2 stop penalty in exposure. That means if you are using apature priority camera, you lose shutter speed. If anything's moving, well it could blur. If you have shutter priority, then you lose depth. The key might be to increase your digital film speed if you can.
  • Circular Polarizer
    2003-10-31 10:11:18  anonymous2 [View]

    it's not easy but you can see a change in the LCD view screen if you look close and if you are shooting a subject that will "polarize" (you wont see a change in a white wall but a blue sky with some clouds should work) i also use an "extend-a-view" over my LCD to make it easier (see http://www.photosolve.com/main/product/