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  Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC 2003
Subject:   Pocket Money Missing
Date:   2003-09-27 07:57:35
From:   anonymous2
Pocket Money for Windows Mobile 2003 is missing. The version available for PC 2002 does not install. Is there a version of Pocket Money for Windows Mobile 2003 to run on IPAQ 2215?
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  • Pocket Money Missing
    2003-10-02 12:46:29  anonymous2 [View]

    I ran into this scenerio with my Toshiba e355. The solution is Microsoft has released Pocket Money 2004 which does install on Pocket PC 2003.


    Good luck.
    • Pocket Money Missing
      2003-10-17 23:59:27  anonymous2 [View]

      Is your Pocket Money 2004 working fine with Toshiba e355? Actually I want to buy e355 and also want to use Pocket Money with it.
  • Todd Ogasawara photo Pocket Money Missing
    2003-10-07 00:31:42  Todd Ogasawara | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Microsoft Money 2004 (the current edition) has the Pocket Money client that works with Pocket PC 2003.
    • Pocket Money Missing
      2004-03-15 04:41:17  jklawrence [View]

      I realise that Pocket Money 2004 will instal on Pocket PC 2003, but if you have Money 2002 installed on your PC, the Pocket PC prompts you that Money is not installed on your computer, and you will not be able to sync accounts with Money. Besides buying MS Money 2004 for PC, any options?! Does Pocket Money 2002 exist?
      • Pocket Money Missing
        2005-08-17 09:49:52  jahoopes3 [View]

        Have you found any solutions to this? Yesterday I upgraded from mobile windows 2002 to 2003. I have money 2002 on my desktop...but the only money pocket client I can get to install on the PDA is 2004. The BIG problem is that the PDA can't synchronize with the desktop version :( Any ideas/suggestions?
      • Pocket Money Missing
        2005-08-17 11:17:38  jahoopes3 [View]

        Ya, I have a version of Pocket Money 2002, but it is only compatible with Mobile Windows 2002....not 2003 :( It won't load on my new device.