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Hack:   The 30-Second Skip
Subject:   DirecTivo
Date:   2003-09-25 05:56:59
From:   anonymous2
Response to: DirecTivo

3-5 clicks? More like 8 or 9. It does work like a charm though. Sometimes need to back up a bit with the back click though.
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  • DirecTivo
    2003-12-21 12:02:43  anonymous2 [View]

    You can always program the 30 second skip to be something longer (like 60 sec) (SPS60... instead of SPS30...) ; then you won't have to hit the skip button so many times, but as a veteran (and someone who watches entirely too much TV), I've gotten pretty good at timing the skips so I don't have to "back up". :-)

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