Readable Java 1.5
Subject:   interesting, but...
Date:   2003-09-25 05:36:07
From:   anonymous2
I agree that there are readability problems, but:
- I don't agree with the "eachof" keyword: why not use the "in" keyword ? It is exactly what the ":" means !
- the angle brackets syntax for generics is clear enough for both C++ and Java (former C++ ?) programmers :)
- question: do we really need the variance stuff ? Does the average programmer need to have a ph.d to understand theory about Java language ? Where is going simplicity, the greatest among Java features ?

by Dimitri De Franciscis

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  • interesting, but...
    2003-09-25 11:44:47  sjungels [View]

    I wanted "in" also. The reason I didn't argue for it is that it's already used by Java compiler writers would have to do backflips to distinguish between an "in" keyword and "in" the member variable. So "in" is out, unfortunately.