Readable Java 1.5
Subject:   I like Sun's 1.5 ideas better
Date:   2003-09-24 21:12:02
From:   anonymous2
I personally think the way Sun is currently planning to implement these features are more readable than your alternatives.

Also, I'm pretty sure Sun's current plan for variance looks more like List<? extends Map> and List<Map extends ?> than the older +/-/= stuff you cited.

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  • I like Sun's 1.5 ideas better
    2003-09-26 12:47:00  anonymous2 [View]

    I'll ditto that.

    Knowing how often collection iteration actually occurs I believe extending the C tradition to use a single extra character, ':', is a very good thing -- as those editing without auto-completion can still be productive. With 'eachof' you end up typing a lot unless you have an editor punching this out for you -- which isn't really any different from an editor punching out today's collection iteration.
  • Re: I like Sun's 1.5 ideas better
    2003-09-25 11:40:35  sjungels [View]

    There's no accounting for taste, of course, which is why I didn't write this up as a simple contest pitting my pet syntax against Sun's. I was more interested in starting a discussion about whether or not Sun's current syntax was really ideal.