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  Readable Java 1.5
Subject:   I like this
Date:   2003-09-24 16:39:46
From:   revdiablo
I agree with your basic premise that the newly proposed changes to Java are not desireable. I think the addition of new and alien (from a Java point of view) syntax is not the best option. I think your proposed alternatives are definitely nicer and fit better with the language. In short, I completely agree! :)

I might note that my true love is Perl, with Java coming in a close second. Interestingly, Perl tends to adopt the idea that new syntax, if used appropriately, is fine -- leading to what some people consider the Line Noise Syndrome. This makes sense in Perl contexts, but in Java it just doesn't seem to work. Java is an altogether different beast; adding syntax in Perl may make sense, but instead adding new keywords in Java is probably the best option.

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  • I like this
    2003-09-25 11:34:38  sjungels [View]

    I think you understood my point very well. Part of the reason I was motivated to write this in the first place is that I think one of the most important things a language designer owes his users, is continuity. A ":" that means foreach is probably all right for Perl programmers. Likewise, angle bracket generics are going to please C++ programmers. But neither one strikes me as consistent with "the Java way," which is more verbose and clear, and which I really like.