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Subject:   can't get screenshot
Date:   2003-09-24 11:56:53
From:   network23
This is the second article I've seen on how to get the screenshot of a remote machine and the second time I've tried it and failed. I get this error message...

kCGErrorIllegalArgument : initCGDisplayState: cannot map display interlocks.
kCGErrorIllegalArgument : CGSNewConnection cannot get connection port
screencapture: failed to make a connection to the windowserver

Any ideas? Firewall issue? I don't know.

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    2003-09-24 19:59:02  Harold Martin | [View]

    In order for open, screencapture, or osascript to work over ssh, you must have either ssh'd in as the user currently running, or you must run them with sudo.