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Subject:   creating a metapackage
Date:   2003-09-24 10:33:45
From:   anonymous2
If I already have 2 packages, where can I find directions on creating a metapackage? I've tried once but once the metapackage is created (supposedly successfully), it does not launch/open without getting unknown error code 999.
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  • Re: creating a metapackage
    2003-09-28 20:19:38  anonymous2 [View]

    I've got the same problem. Does anyone know why? A google search of "PackageMaker 999" returns only four links (this being one of them).
    • Re: creating a metapackage
      2003-10-01 09:25:43  anonymous2 [View]

      I had this problem when I tried to create the metapackage in a different directory to the sub-packages.
      According to the 'Anatomy of a Metapackage' article (see link at end), this should be possible, but I consistantly get the 999 unknown error message when I try it on OS X Server 10.2.6. And I don't see the point in an installer where you have to go & hack at the info lists in a terminal as the article suggests.

      My solution was to create the metapackage in the same directory as the packages and set an alias to the metapackage. It then works as expected.

      Andy Saul

      Horrible advice from Apple:
  • creating a metapackage
    2004-10-20 04:40:58  vgiffin [View]

    I think I figured it out. You need to have the .pkg files all in the same folder as the PackageMaker file you're working with.