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Hack:   The 30-Second Skip
Subject:   Yes it works, but...
Date:   2003-09-24 09:09:52
From:   anonymous2
... but then you don't have the normal functionality of that button anymore, i.e. skip to the end. It would be nice if it still functioned normally, unless you are fast-forwarding, just like it normally would with the tick marks. It seems to change the behavior of both, however, so it _always_ skips ahead by only 30 seconds, regardless of whether you are currently fast-forwarding or not. That's undesirable, because skipping to the end is too important a feature to lose.
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  • Yes it works, but...
    2003-12-14 12:54:43  anonymous2 [View]

    why the hell is skipping to the end "too important to lose"?! easily skipping through commercials seems much more valuable
    • Yes it works, but...
      2004-06-02 17:18:56  jrobertdunn [View]

      it is much more valuable because sometimes you get half way through a program fast forwarding just to see if it is worth watching. if at the thirty minute mark you decide that the program is worth watching then you dont have to rewind or fast forward to get back to the beginning. also the thirty second skip is not as reliable to stop right at the start of the program after commercial. also if you decide to delete program early just hit the advance key once, then list and it will automatically ask if you want program deleted. 2-3 less steps than if you dont have that feature.
      • Yes it works, but...
        2006-11-22 20:19:16  davidrees [View]

        You don't need to skip to the end to delete.
        Hit back, then arrow down to select "delete", then ok
        Or, if you want less clicks, back, clear, ok...

Showing messages 1 through 3 of 3.