Paul Vixie on VeriSign
Subject:   Now is the time to transfer ...
Date:   2003-09-23 20:30:24
From:   anonymous2
... the authority to manage the DNS system to a supra-national organization. The World Wide Web is now literally world wide, so it needs a home which is not allied to any particular nation.

UNESCO, that's The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, is perfectly positioned to do this. The revenue from the sale of DNS domains and names could produce much needed revenue to fund UN activites.

Sincerely etc.
Christopher Sawtell.

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  • Now is the time to transfer the local pc users
    2003-09-25 09:36:34  askii [View]

    Yes... I agree that the dns needs to be transfered
    to each individual pc connected to the internet.
    Paul.. Please write a BIND to run on my home pc
    of which I have total 100% control of all sites
    known to it. I understand that I may not receive
    spams, typo-ads, and other unwanted sites but I
    am willing to live with it. Thank You.
    • Now is the time to transfer the local pc users
      2003-09-25 10:12:45  anonymous2 [View]


      You can get BIND for most platforms, and its free.

      Have fun.
  • But not to UNESCO or anything like it
    2003-09-24 05:34:14  anonymous2 [View]

    The UN bureaucracy is a patronage organization, according to those who know it well.  It is populated by the nephews and brothers-in-law of third-world politicians, many of whom are dictators.  This is not a place you go for either great competence or strong devotion to principles.

    The accusation against Verisign is that they abused their public trust for profit.  I think you would find fewer barriers to such corruption among the bureaucrats of UNESCO.

    • But not to UNESCO or anything like it
      2003-09-24 06:12:00  anonymous2 [View]

      You cant mean seriously that stability of a country is the deciding factor in where should dns service be run. Lets then move it to Switzerland: they had less wars in a thousand years than US had in the last 50.

      In fact, the UN is the only right place for this.
  • Now is the time to transfer ...
    2003-09-24 04:23:50  anonymous2 [View]

    Actually I think the US is proabably the only country sane and stable enough to do this kind of thing. The UN isn't stable, they take turns at leadership, etc. and generally have WAY more agendas floating around that the US (we've just got our own ;))
    Besides, the US is still the vast majority on the internet.
    Besides that we've got money, resources, etc. that other countries find they are limited in.

    • Now is the time to transfer ...
      2003-09-30 05:50:27  anonymous2 [View]

      Yes the US is known for strong politics.
      They wouldnīt (and didnīt blink) to make more money.

      Anybody remember the Kyoto treaty? WMD in Irak? Need I go on...

      I think the UN would do a much better job that the US ever could!
    • Now is the time to transfer ...
      2003-09-24 06:18:44  anonymous2 [View]

      'I am the only sane person I know!' said Nero and set the Rome on fire.

  • Now is the time to transfer ...
    2003-09-23 22:54:02  anonymous2 [View]

    Hunh, the UN?!? That outfit can't find their backsides with both hands. If you want something really screwed up, hand it to a bureaucracy to deal with... Note how well the French health agencies took care of their old folks this last summer. Yeah, they really took care of 'em.
    . The UN needs to go away and the sooner the better!
    . Verisign needs to be made to fold its tent and its responsibilities parsed to the other registrars. There needs to be an example set here, but I'm not holding my breath.
    • Now is the time to transfer ...
      2003-09-23 23:18:51  anonymous2 [View]

      American, eh? Upset your Dubbya can't get his own way all the time, eh? The US needs to support the UN, not undermine it. A few months ago the UN was just an obstacle. Now that Iraq is costing Dubbya money, he wants the UN to help. Hypocrit!

      Anyway, back on topic, I agree that Verisign needs to be removed from the loop. It doesn't much matter who replaces them as long as they are required not to futz with the DNS.
      • Now is the time to transfer ...
        2003-09-25 07:07:28  anonymous2 [View]

        If it wasn't for the US, the UN could not afford to exist.
        • Now is the time to transfer ...
          2003-09-30 05:53:13  anonymous2 [View]

          You mean:
          The US should start paying its member fee to the UN, like any other country that can afford it.
  • Now is the time to transfer ...
    2003-09-23 20:55:18  anonymous2 [View]

    You are right, it is time to transfer DNS management to a non-profit group of some type. But you also use World Wide Web in your posting, as if that is the only thing that the Internet consists of. Web traffic is the easiest thing to keep working correctly after this insertion of wildcards. Much more difficult are other applications, such as email, that rely on a correctly functioning DNS system, not one that has been modified arbitrarily to help make a profit for someone.
    • Now is the time to transfer ...
      2003-09-24 00:06:41  anonymous2 [View]

      I suggest the maintenance of the root name servers be turned over to the The Free Software Foundation. Very few organizations are so intrinsically principled. FSF could be trusted to run them forever and we would know that they'd never start placing their "commercial" interests above doing the duty entrusted to them. For this service, world governments should provide the FSF sufficient funds to perform this service (but not more, unless they just want to.)
      • You are confused
        2003-09-24 07:25:17  anonymous2 [View]

        You are confusing root servers with TLD's. The root servers only serve ".", as in only refer you to the proper server's for a particular TLD. They have nothing to do with the evil wildcard.
        • Not necessarily confused
          2003-09-24 08:58:31  anonymous2 [View]

          It is true that the root servers are not the source of the problem, only the com and net TLD servers. However, if we don't trust Verisign to do the right thing with com and net, why should we trust them to maintain the root zone? What's to prevent them from pulling the same stunt there?

          (not the original poster)
      • Now is the time to transfer ...
        2003-09-24 00:24:08  anonymous2 [View]

        What about the EFF? Seems more viable to me.