Paul Vixie on VeriSign
Subject:   Crime
Date:   2003-09-23 20:20:12
From:   anonymous2
It is a crime. It is theft. It is spying. Fsck them and the horse they rode in on.
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  • Crime
    2003-09-23 22:12:23  anonymous2 [View]

    That's definately been the most accurate, to the point summation of all of this crap that I've seen thus far. :)
    • Crime
      2003-09-24 06:21:09  anonymous2 [View]

      Excetly. Arogant crime.
    • Crime
      2003-10-01 23:55:31  anonymous2 [View]

      There are signifigant breaches regarding current case law, contract and otherwise, they are doing this over the 'wire' in many cases.

  • Crime
    2003-09-24 09:01:11  anonymous2 [View]

    The real "crime" is they are deliberately publishing false and misleading DNS information.