The Nokia 3650 GSM/GPRS Phone with Camera, Bluetooth, and More
Subject:   PICTURE
Date:   2003-09-19 12:28:17
From:   anonymous2
Does anyone out there know the option to view a picture in full when there is an incoming call. Ive been fiddling with this phone for some time and can not fine this option. Im starting to believe that the feature does not exist, except for a small thumbnail the shows alongside the number of the person who is calling. Does anyone out there know?
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    2003-09-29 22:22:52  anonymous2 [View]

    my friend has it setup to do that I think he had to download something to do that I'll ask him and keep you posted.
    2003-09-29 16:30:26  anonymous2 [View]

    Full screen Caller might work.