Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   Printing
Date:   2003-09-18 10:53:04
From:   anonymous2

Printers, drivers, queue managers and daemons. CUPS, LPRng, PPDs, ghostscrpt, everything to do with printing. It's so easy in Windows and Mac. Distributions try to make it easy, and do OK, until something breaks. Then I try to wade through all those layers. Please explain how it all works in great detail.

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  • Printing
    2003-10-22 23:02:32  anonymous2 [View]

    i am very new to linux printing. well in a week, by reading doc and mailing list, i got this LPRng print server running and serve 500 users with accounting.

    config printcap.local is easy. you just have to get the concept of network printing or whatever env for you.

    look harder.... dude!
  • Printing
    2003-09-30 05:59:46  anonymous2 [View]

    Oh, my goodness! Printing...

    A bit of preambule. I happen to belong to that part of humanity that does not use latin characters (I am Russian). At that time I was working in Ireland in one of the software biggies. That software company (name starts with O) has a very strong message on Linux.

    So, I have made a bet with my colleagues - to have Microsoft-free workstation. So, I have put SuSE8.1, StarOffice, Mozilla and was happy. I could browse russian web sites, read documents, etc.

    However, when it came to printing... I could not possibly make CUPS printing cyrillic fonts. It was a hell of a job. (mind you, that I took Windows fonts, they worked perfectly on screen).

    So, my annoyance is: why Linux does not have WYSIWYG as Windows?

    I could not possibly made it working. I gave up. When I wanted to print russian book from on-line library, I had to go to my Win2K PC. Annoying? No doubts.