WET11 Upgrades
Subject:   WET11
Date:   2003-09-18 09:11:27
From:   anonymous2
one, wireless network (A)
two, in another place... 2km far away, another wireless network (B)
In both networks, (A and B) they are suplied by an Access Point (Lucent).
in the middle of the mountain, I can "see" both wireless networks.
Can I connect this two wireless networks (A with B) using two Wet11 from Linksys. One Wet11 as a client from network A an the another wireless network as a client from network B. This two Wet11 are connectet by a LAN cable.

thanks for now.


Alan G. Dalke

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  • WET11
    2005-08-02 01:14:21  locell [View]

    you can totally use the wet-11 wireless bridge to bridge networks, i have used a wet-11 to feed ethernet to a access point, creating a frankensten repeater. note that the 2 networks you are joining will each have seperate internet gateways.. maybe change it so both networks are fed from one gateway if you can get the bridge over the mountian reliable
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    2003-11-12 10:57:22  anonymous2 [View]

    Have you recieved a response? Im curious about the technology!

    Kind Regards,

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