Web and Enterprise Architecture Design Patterns for J2EE, Part 1
Subject:   Fowler's "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture"
Date:   2003-09-16 22:12:03
From:   frmitchell
It would be interesting to compare this book to Martin Fowler's "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture".

Martin's book is a little more general and high-level, albeit with J2EE and .NET applications. The examples in this article center more on implementation strategies and specific technology decisions. For example, Fowler's "Server-Side State" pattern discusses the pros and cons of caching state on the server, while this article's "Stateless Channel" recommends caching state in an "application tier" behind the "web tier".

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  • Fowler's "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture"
    2003-09-17 02:32:20  anonymous2 [View]

    Thanks for your comment. I think your characterisation is about right. We are a bit lower-level than Fowler in our treatment of specific patterns, but we have tried to be high-level in our *categorisation*. That abstraction of concept proved to be harder than documenting the patterns themselves.

    We'd be happy to hear your comments after the second part of this article is published.

    Ganesh Prasad