Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   notepad
Date:   2003-09-16 10:19:35
From:   anonymous2
Why can't Linux have programs like notepad and wordpad? Even the fastest basic editor I can find is much slower to load than notepad.

Also, as an ex-windows user, I want something easy to load RTF files - without having to use the bigger & slower word processors.

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  • notepad
    2003-09-16 11:47:45  anonymous2 [View]



    If that doesn't load fast enough for you, you're just hard to please.
  • notepad
    2003-09-16 23:13:46  anonymous2 [View]

    who needs crap like notepad when we have xemacs and emacs and gvim and vim?
  • notepad
    2003-09-26 07:24:08  anonymous2 [View]

    kate - aint no way around it ..

    Now, I just need to figure out how to keep it from opening with the editor at 15%, and the shell at 85%!
  • notepad
    2003-11-29 17:16:43  anonymous2 [View]

    Isn't vi fast enought for you?

    To open RTF, you may like KWord or Abiword.