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  Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   error message that could drive you nuts
Date:   2003-09-16 07:33:34
From:   anonymous2
have a look at this session:

# ls -l somefile
# chmod +x somefile
# ./somefile
./somefile: Command not found.
# what the %$&!?
# file somefile
somefile: perl script text

what happened?

# head -1 somefile
# ls /usr/local/bin/perl
/usr/local/bin/perl: No such file or directory.
# aha!
# vi somefile
# ./somefile
Hello, world!

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  • error message that could drive you nuts
    2003-09-16 08:25:06  anonymous2 [View]

    yeah, I would prefer if it would go like:
    # export ERROR_MESSAGES=abusive
    # ./somefile
    you stupid idiot, I cannot find the
    interpreter given on the first line, so edit
    me and correct that before you try to execute me!