The Nokia 3650 GSM/GPRS Phone with Camera, Bluetooth, and More
Subject:   Great phone.
Date:   2003-09-13 07:50:44
From:   gbshuler
I bought two of these phones: one for me, one for the wife. We take pictures and send them to each other. I go to music stores and photograph $18 CD's I want, then go back to my desk and order them used for $6 each from Amazon.

The phone lists for $349, but can normally sells for $300. You can easily get this phone for free (after rebate and 12 month service agreement blah blah). I ordered both phones from Amazon with T-Mobile service. The phones arrived (free shipping, no sales tax!) a few days later activated and ready to use. About 9 weeks later, the $600 in rebates arrived.

Sometimes they offer an AT&T "free" deal.

I check my email and browse ABC News, ESPN, and CNN at stop lights. T-Mobile charges about $10 per month extra for this. It even worked on a family vacation to rural Missouri (Lake of the Ozarks).

Did I mention you can play Doom? Is there any other justification required.. Go and get it!

Only regret. I am a consultant and didn't think that my next client may not allow camera phones on the premises. D'oh!

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  • Great phone.
    2003-09-13 12:07:03  anonymous2 [View]

    Tis a great phone, though the battery life is not as good as some others out there. Camera is fun.
    This phone can likely be had for free after rebates from . So it be cheap.
    • Great phone.
      2003-09-16 04:50:18  anonymous2 [View]

      Batterylife depends (as with all phones) a lot on how you use it.
      If you turn on the screensaver feature so it blanks the screen except for a single line of text displaying the current time after a few minutes it lasts a lot longer.

      This is the main disadvantage of all large-screen devices, the powerconsumption of those screens is a large part of total power use.

      I've been using one of these phones since mid July (so about 2 months).
      Bought it in anticipation of my telco starting to offer GPRS service in the future (announced as under testing at the moment), mainly because I wanted a large phone and the Ericsson T610 was not yet available here (it looks more sturdy).