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Subject:   Why this article under "Cocoa programming" topic?
Date:   2003-09-12 22:55:33
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Why this article under "Cocoa programming" topic?

I also really do not see the necessity in having such a tutorial, since there already exist SO MANY on the subject. It is not to difficult to find a good tutorial on loops. I also do not believe that learning C, a procedural language, before Objective-C is the best idea. I think it is a great opportunity for brand new programmers to not have to get stuck in the procedural mindset but instead dive in directly to object-oriented design.
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  • Why this article under "Cocoa programming" topic?
    2003-10-05 01:07:38  anonymous2 [View]

    By not many exist under this kind of forum. Think of it as a service to the mac users with grand ideas, but no programming experience (or knowledge) at all. Having that in a friendly environment can lead to new exciting cocoa programs once the tutorial is complete (or at least far enough ahead to know about the features of cocoa.

    If you feel left out, you can look for cocoa programming tutorials elsewhere, of which there is also an abundance.