Is Linux Annoying?
Subject:   rpm annoyances (and others)
Date:   2003-09-12 08:19:20
From:   anonymous2
I agree that rpm is annoying. That is the main reason that I switched to gentoo. Gentoo uses source code builds.
So my rpm annoyance is now listening to people complain about rpm hell, but refusing to use a better alternative. As one consultant said, "you know, there's zero call for gentoo training."

One annoyance that I have is java. But this is actually partly a windows annoyance. My browsers will not work on java sites, because the java sites are coded to work on windows. (at least that's as far as I can tell).

Another annoyance is that manufacturers do not yet support linux. They don't provide accurate hardware specs, they don't provide software drivers, they only provide windows.

So my annoyances (to sum up) are that linux is an underdog in a monopolystic market.

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  • rpm annoyances (and others)
    2003-09-23 17:15:39  anonymous2 [View]

    I just wanted to to mentionthat after I switched to Gentoo, thats was when I stopped dual booting with a windows partitions. Redhat had to many of these little annoyances, mostly rpm, while ebuilds are so convient