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Subject:   endless loop
Date:   2003-09-11 00:34:33
From:   anonymous2
Let's just pretend that one actually ran the (ahem) endless loop you described above. What should you do to break out of the loop gracefully? Command x didn't seem to do the trick... are we destined to force quit?


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  • Re: endless loop
    2003-09-11 07:05:44  halliday [View]

    Aren't these programs are being run on the command line (within the Terminal application)? Within that environment, Control-c is the "emergency" stop keyboard command. (It's one of those CLI things.)

    I hope this helps.
  • endless loop
    2003-09-11 01:22:31  anonymous2 [View]

    Click the "STOP" red icon, which is in the place
    of "BUILD & RUN" icon.