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  What We're Doing When We Blog
Subject:   different from chat rooms
Date:   2003-09-09 16:34:35
From:   anonymous2
Response to: What We're...Blog

Usually chat room messages disappear after the chat is over, although in some cases the text can be archived on a serve.

blogs are meant to be published and visible at all times, either in a private blog space or a public blog space. You can see the text of all members of a particular blog. The blogs are categorized according to dates, titles, names (whatever the administrator of that blog sets up.) Blogs can be edited, chat rooms discussions cannot.

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  • different from chat rooms
    2003-11-06 08:04:09  anonymous2 [View]

    So, what is the diference between a blog and a homepage then? Is it just easier to deal with?