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Subject:   Whitespace not working on OS X - but works at ISP
Date:   2003-09-06 16:17:29
From:   anonymous2
Hi there

I have tried to get it to work but I am getting problems on my Mac OS X installation of PHP Entropy 3.3.1-1 wich I think is related to a configurationsetting.

If I use the whitespace+commenting techniques described in this article it works perfect at my ISP's installation as well as in my Zend Studio 3.0.0 BETA for Mac OS X - but NOT on my mac OS X 10.2.6 machine.

If I remove all the blank space as well as the comments my code works as expected on my Mac, so I am assuming it's because of a misconfiguration - but I can't figure out what to change.

I have written a detailed explanation in this thread at Entropy's excellent forum, so I urge you to take a look at that thread in stead of having me "type" it all again here ;-)

Otherwise thanx for some great tips - now I only hope I can get them to work on my Mac OS X box!

Thomas von Eyben

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  • Whitespace not working on OS X - but works at ISP FIXED
    2003-09-06 17:45:36  anonymous2 [View]

    Just to let everybody know that I just encountered the classic mistake of editing a file that originally had been encoded with Macintosh linebreaks in stead of using Unix linebreaks.

    BBEdit is so nice as to respect those linebreaks even though I have set it up to only use unix linebreaks (actually a pretty nice behavior)

    Sorry for the noise (it might be a helpful hint in other scenarious)

    - Thomas von Eyben (@ 2:45 AM in Denmark...)