Encrypted Email Cookbook
Subject:   What you've written in this article...
Date:   2003-09-05 03:39:54
From:   anonymous2
convinced me that

``The "official" solution was to send all important communications in a password-encrypted Microsoft Word document not quite the solution expected of an IT organization.''

was the right solution!

And that before people are going to start using encryption, we need to make it a lot easier!

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  • Described techniques likely beyond most
    2003-09-05 19:43:23  anonymous2 [View]

    Dear Mr. Bernier,

    Many thanks for your contribution to this topic. It is an indirect reminder of how desperately email needs an easier-to-use encryption capability.

    I would dearly love to regularly use encrypted mail, and think I might just manage to get my Windows head around the Linux techniques you detail. However, I fear few of my correspondants would be so lucky.

    Market opportunity for the Open Source Community: simpler GUI access to encrypted email. If I appear to seek "burger flipping" solution to a "rocket science" problem, guilty as charged.

    Links to such projects, FAQ and HOWTO welcome.

    Best regards,