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  Code-Generation Techniques for Java
Subject:   Check out Project Colle
Date:   2003-09-03 21:14:20
From:   myshkin5
We use XSL to generate code. We have four sub-systems:

1. Database abstraction (supports MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL)
2. Middleware abstraction (supports EJB, in the future SOAP...)
3. Web (no generators here, just a DOM based web presentation)
4. Web forms (this is where the real cool generators are!)


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  • Check out FireStorm
    2003-09-05 13:18:55  anonymous2 [View]

    I found a great code generator called FireStorm that generates DAO tier for Java and EJB and also generates JSP code.

    URL is:

    • Jack Herrington photo Check out FireStorm
      2003-09-05 13:44:54  Jack Herrington | O'Reilly Author [View]

      For a complete list of generators for Java and for other environments check: