Using JSF
Subject:   OverKill
Date:   2003-09-03 17:55:26
From:   anonymous2
Another solution looking for a problem to solve.
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  • OverKill
    2003-09-04 21:52:12  anonymous2 [View]

    I'm right there with you. I mean, if you want to use struts, use struts. What's the point of taking two years to reimplement it under jcp auspices?

    Personally, I'm totally past struts. It's heavily session-oriented, which tends to make you write non-RESTful apps. I find it's a lot of complexity for little payoff. I like a simple MVC framework with hibernating objects, jstl jsp pages, and a servlet to handle all requests and present a sane, semantic URLspace to the world. But if you do like struts, what does JSF promise that struts doesn't already deliver?