Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   Nice
Date:   2003-09-03 00:14:52
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Nice

Use a tripod and a long shutter setting (depending on the time of evening, anywhere from a half second on up). Definitely no flash! :) I also recommend using the self timer to trip the shutter, so you don't accidentally jar the camera. Good luck!
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  • Nice
    2003-12-11 01:31:46  anonymous2 [View]

    This is very intresting to new comer like us to the world of digital photography.
    • Nice
      2003-12-11 07:45:07  anonymous2 [View]

      thank you 4 helping me with my study
      • Nice
        2003-12-11 07:47:05  anonymous2 [View]

        I did not like this website.
        • Holding my 5.0 mrega pixels Gate way steady
          2004-01-04 11:50:05  anonymous2 [View]

          could you give me some tips? I have a hard time holding my camera steady. My pictures do not come out as clear as I would like. Should I use the small view finder and not the L.C.D.
          • Holding my 5.0 mrega pixels Gate way steady
            2006-03-05 11:33:08  wjodon [View]

            Use a monopod, which is much more portable than a tripod and can really help with long exposures. I use an Hakuba Mono Stand 10, which has the virtues of being small and easy to carry in an urban environment, and of doubling as a mini-tripod.