Installing and Configuring Squid
Subject:   what about of transparent proxy?
Date:   2003-09-02 21:04:28
From:   anonymous2
are the --enable-heap-replacement --enable-cache-digest --enable-dlmalloc needed?

I am trying to set bandwith control . It is possible with squid?



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  • Jennifer Vesperman photo what about of transparent proxy?
    2003-12-11 20:03:50  Jennifer Vesperman | O'Reilly Author [View]

    The configuration options are not strictly needed - that is, after all, why they're options. I simply recommend the ones in the article as useful ones to have.

    I don't think you can use squid directly to set bandwidth control, but it is a useful tool for minimising the need for bandwidth control.

    As for transparent proxying, check

    Jenn V.