Aspect-Oriented Programming and JBoss
Subject:   This is total nonsense.
Date:   2003-08-27 15:21:46
From:   anonymous2
Response to: more details

I've read this article about 100,000 times and I can't see how this would revolutionize the cleaning of my cat box.

public class CatBox(){
public void clean(){

Can anyone do this in AOP?

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  • This is total nonsense.
    2004-02-17 11:37:43  msweetnam [View]

    I guess for me the attraction is that i can focus on the meat of the problem, and leave the "supporting" stuff until later. I'm sure you're familiar with what a pain implementing security is.. who want's all that muddling up the business logic?
  • This is total nonsense.
    2003-10-07 15:33:23  anonymous2 [View]

    This stuff is not to be concerned to keep your cat box clean. It's seems to be more suitable for building a cat box with could be a doghouse under certain preconditions.

    Best regards
    Michael Werner (Hamburg/GR)